Milton Glass - quality double glazing

Full grain GRP Composite entrance doors, available in a range of colours to enhance your home and your life. You want a door that looks great and works well… but you also want a door that keeps out more than cold and draughts.

A Door For The Futureknocker

You may have never given a second thought to what a door is made of but there may be more to it than you think. A timber door may look great when it’s new but apart from the regular chore of painting, it may crack or warp. It may also have simple, old-fashioned locking mechanisms that offer little resistance to even an amateur burglar.

A PVC-U door needs less maintenance but may sometimes look less than authentic.

Enter the next-generation Platinum NRG, a composite door with the lustrous look of timber and all the energy efficiency, weather resistance and durability of modern materials. The part you see is a tough GRP skin that’s not only highly scratch-resistant but also coloured throughout its thickness to keep its appearance if it should become scratched.


No warping, twisting and splitting as with timber doors, so your Platinum NRG door will stay wind and weatherproof throughout its long life. And because all Platinum NRG Doors come fully framed with triple seals, you need never worry about draughts from the door / frame fit.

Low Maintenance
No need to paint or varnish, so you can forget the cycle of sanding and painting. The easy to clean surface requires only the occasional wipe over with a damp cloth to go on looking as new.

Energy Saving
The Platinum NRG door has a super-efficient insulating inner core and also comes with a thermally efficient threshold.

All Platinum NRG doors carry a full 10 year guarantee on the door, frame and glazing and a five year guarantee on the hardware.


Home security is now high among everyone’s priorities and the Platinum NRG door is built and equipped to live up to your expectations. As well as its sturdy, high-tech construction, the door comes with exceptional guarantees on all aspects of the door.


A range of colours, woodgrains, door styles and glazing options means that, whatever type your home, there is an Platinum NRG Door to complement it.

Glazing & Furiture Options

The Platinum NRG door’s glazing panels offer the householder further opportunities to add individuality and character to their choice of door. With an amazing array of glass designs and production techniques there is a stylish option for every home, from the conventional coloured glass to the elaborate Art Deco bevel. We also offer three designs of textured and one clear backing glass.

Bi-Fold Doors

Doors can be stacked open at one end, or at both ends, or one panel can be opened like a conventional single back door or a pair of patio doors. They can choose the same colour for both sides, or a different colour for the side that faces into the room.

Bi-Fold Door Features

  • Low maintenance, no painting, no warping, no shrinking
  • Purpose designed profile and hardware system
  • Shootbolt locking system
  • Option of inward or outward opening doors
  • Anti jemmy security blocksBi-Fold Door
  • Low threshold option with ramp for easy access