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Replicating Yesterday…. Today

Revival from PlatiniumNRG faithfully replicates period timber window styling, right down to the details of conventional timber hardware, such as a working stay and peg, which can be specified and easily fitted.


The unique new 85mm deep frame incorporates seven chambers, for optimal thermal performance and strength, with a classic, deep sculptured edge detail with transoms and mullions that can be mechanically jointed to replicate traditional mortise and tenon joints.


There is a choice of four PVCu sashes to fit into the frame. Our slim, four chamber FlushSASH with the added option of an exclusive new wide bottom rail with mechanical joints, the six chamber unique SlimSASH plus regular Chamfered or Sculptured sash options.
For that final attention to detail, the whole window sits on a new deep cill, including an authentic throat drip detail.


The new Revival window is perfect for two types of homeowner. First, for those who have a period property and have not yet changed their old, rotten timber windows to benefit from the energy savings, enhanced security and ease of maintenance that modern materials deliver. Second, for new occupants of a property where the previous owner has replaced the original windows unsympathetically, it is the ideal way to put the ‘original’ style back in.


All of our PlatinumNRG profiles are lead free and can be fully recycled at the end of their life, just like timber!